Upper Bronze Division Overview

The Upper Bronze Division was formerly known as D3B. Teams in this division are primarily comprised of players with novice to intermediate playing skills. A few may have played high school hockey, but are several years removed from those levels. The majority of the players have had some organized youth playing experience. Some may have little or no youth playing experience, but have played several years as an adult in an organized league. Players with any junior experience or above are not allowed to play in this division. Any players with any high school experience and are younger than 25 are not allowed in this division.


USA Hockey

All participants in Full Stride’s adult league must be registered with USA Hockey in the current year. Click on the button below to register with USA Hockey.


Full Stride gives teams the option to pay online. Teams can either pay the team fee in full with one payment, or they have the option to split up the team fee with their teammates with individual payments. Click on the button below to make a payment.

Free Agents

Not on a team? Fill out the form below to get added to our free agent list. All teams in the adult leagues enter as a team and we do not place anyone onto a team. When captains ask for extra players, we give them contact information from the free agent list and the captain will contact those players directly. Click on the button below to learn more about how to get onto a team.