Women's League


A recreational division for women hockey players only. The Women's League has a mix of experience throughout the league. Most teams have some novice hockey players that are mixed in with players that have several years of experience. A great place for recreational women hockey players. 

Full Stride requires that all participants be registered with USA Hockey in the current season. Players are also required to wear a half shield or full face protection. 

All teams enter the league as a team. If you are an individual player looking to get on to a team, please click here to fill out a Free Agent Form. This will not guarantee you a spot on a team. We will then have your contact information to pass along to team captains looking for extra players. 

If you are already on a team, please fill out the Registration/Waiver Form below so Full Stride receives your contact information and USA Hockey number. All players must fill out a Registration/Waiver Form at the beginning of each session.