Summer Hockey School Overview

Full Stride's Summer Hockey School is for boys and girls ages 5 - 14 looking to improve their skills in a fun and encouraging environment. Full Stride's professional coaching staff, along with a group of junior instructors, provide 3 hours of ice time daily. The Summer School will focus on core skills such as power skating, passing, shooting, puck control, puck protection, and more through drills and games. Off - ice training is also included in the Summer Hockey School.

On-ice: Morning on-ice sessions will focus on power skating; the forward and backward stride, edge control, power turns, balance and agility. Afternoon on-ice sessions will focus on puck control and puck skills, shooting, passing and games. 

Off-ice: Off-ice sessions will focus on core strength development, reaction time training, plyometrics, balance and agility as well as teamwork development. We will use team work initiatives designed to provide individual and group success. 



July 8th - July 12th


Cairns Arena Rink #1

Registration & Fees

Full Day: $475

Half Day: $375

Summer School Registration & Payment
Half Day Summer School Registration & Payment

Program Details

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