Division 3A


Division 3A, or D3A, is Full Stride's highest level of recreational hockey. Some players have played varsity high school hockey, but are well past their 10 year reunions. Others have played some youth hockey and have picked up the game again as an adult. The average age is mid-30's to mid-40's. A great place for those players looking for a competitive but recreational game. 

Full Stride requires that all participants be registered with USA Hockey in the current season. Players are also required to wear a half shield or full face protection. 

All teams enter the league as a team. If you are an individual player looking to get on to a team, please click here to fill out a Free Agent Form. This will not guarantee you a spot on a team. We will then have your contact information to pass along to team captains looking for extra players. 

If you are already on a team, please fill out the Registration/Waiver Form below so Full Stride receives your contact information, USA Hockey number, and the waiver is understood and signed. All players must fill out a  Registration/Waiver Form at the beginning of each session.