Adult Program Series


So, you want to be a hockey player?

Our series of programs will have you ready to hit the ice as part of a team in no time. We start you out slowly with the Adult Learn to Play Hockey Program to get you comfortable on your skates and teach you some basic skills. This program is typically eight weeks held in the fall.

The next program, our Adult Instructional Hockey Program, or IHL, is where you'll continue to develop the skills you've learned, and begin to learn the finer points of the game to get you ready to play on a team. It's a mix of skills, drills, and controlled scrimmages. This is typically an eight week program held in the winter. At the completion of the IHL, most participants are ready to play in Full Stride's novice division, D4. Participants who go through IHL together often form a team. Some participants may be picked up on other D4 teams as well. Many participants go through the IHL another time for more ice time and practice even after they've moved on to a D4 team. 

For more information on the Adult Learn to Play Hockey Program, Instructional Hockey Program, or our adult leagues, please click on the links above.