Adult Learn to Play Hockey


Full Stride's Adult Learn to Play Hockey program is for those who have never played hockey before, or for those who have very little experience. This program is the first step to entering the adult leagues. At least 30 minutes of each hour will focus on skating, the most important part of hockey. Each week participants will progress on the basics of the forward and backward skating stride, stopping, puck control, passing, and shooting. Each practice is designed for players to practice their skills at their own pace. Team play will also be introduced through small area games in a fun and encouraging environment. 

All participants are required to wear hockey skates, a hockey helmet with eye protection, hockey gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, and a hockey stick. Hockey pants (breezers), and shoulder pads are not required, but are highly recommended. 

When: October 21st - December 16th 2018 (no class Nov 25th)

Sundays: 4:10pm - 5:40pm

Where: Cairns Arena

Fee: $250


ALTPH Registration & Payment